Reed Diffuser Making

Absolutely no heat is needed to enjoy aromatic diffuser reeds. Add the element of aromatherapy to your personal space and enjoy your favorite fragrance without the risk of fire. You'll never have to wonder if you blew out the candle!

Reed diffusers emanate no soot or film onto your furniture, walls, and ceiling. Safe for classrooms, offices, nursing homes, and all types of living spaces.

Simply place the oil into your container, then insert the reeds and allow them to soak for approximately 30 minutes. Then carefully remove the reeds and flip them over and place the dry end back into the oil to begin the diffusion of the fragrance oil into your space. Be careful with oils and dripping on furniture when removing reeds.

Leave the reeds in the oil to diffuse for a couple days to a week, then remove the reeds and flip again in the oil to refresh. Also, you can twist the reeds in the bottle to assist in diffusion.