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Candle Making Additives

High quality candle making additives specifically for candle making.

Tested in The Candlemakers Store's labs first to ensure your success.

The Candlemakers Store is your complete online resource for all of the candle making supplies you need. In addition to finding beautifully scented oils, dyes, molds and more, you can also find candle making additives through our website. These supplies include high-quality additives like hardeners, petrolatum, DPG oil, mineral oil, mold release powder and more. These and other related candle making materials can help you to create candles with professional results from the comfort of your home. Through The Candlemakers Store website, you can find the perfect selection of candle making additives for all of your needs, and these additives are available at highly competitive prices. Whether you have plans to make candlesticks, jar candles or other styles, you can find what you need for your home crafting projects through The Candlemakers Store website. Order your additives and other supplies today for all of your home candle making projects.