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Newest Fragrances

If you're ready to explore new avenues, why not try out our newest fragrance oils? At the CandleMakers Store, we are fragrance lovers too. We know how sometimes you can fall in love with a particular fragrance and wind up using it for everything you make. There's nothing wrong with that, but sometimes we all need to shake things up. If you are ready to try something new and delicious, pull up a chair and browse our long list of our enticing newest fragrance oils.

 We are proud that all our fragrance oils are skin safe when in finished products. They are also compatible with all wax types. We manufacture many of the oils ourselves so you can be assured of quality and reliability.

 You might have noticed we don't give fragrance descriptions for our oils. This is because of how subjective the sense of smell is. We try to give our fragrance oils descriptive names to assist our customers in choosing the right one. We also offer one ounce samplers and a special where if you buy three you will get one free.

 Get ready to experience our newest fragrance oils today. You'll be glad you did!