Candle Making Supplies ~ Lovingly Established In 1995.


Simple Way to Feel Better

Many individuals are unaware that aromatherapy fragrance oil in homemade decorative candles can help with relaxation while encouraging restful sleep. In addition, essential essences are also useful while making homemade potpourri, air fresheners and body care products. The Candlemakers Store offers an assortment of scents designed for making homemade soaps, body splashes, creams and lotions. Our customers can order sample bottles of different essences to assist in making a purchasing decision.

Enjoy Delightful Scents

You can visit our product page to order scents such as cool citrus basil, honeydew melon or eucalyptus lemongrass. Aromatherapy fragrance oil in candles and homemade body care products can provide a wonderful aroma that assists with increasing your energy levels. Our customers can experience delightful scents from additional essences such as morning mist, peace of mind or confidence. All of our essences are suitable for candles and body care products. Shop with us today!