You can fill your house with heavy sprays and gaudy perfumes or bring the gentle scents of the outdoors into your home with candles. Our selection of outdoors candle fragrance oils offers the essence of a woodland forest or a soft spring rain. Brighten the gloomy winter days with the smell of fresh cut grass or Grandpa's garden.


Whether you make a few candles for yourself, family and friends or operate a retail candle company, our outdoors candle fragrance oils blend well with a wide variety of mediums, from paraffin to soy, to create the perfect candle. Our scents are great for helping you get the right amount of throw to permeate your home.


We offer sample sizes of our outdoors candle fragrance oils so you can experiment with new fragrances to find the ones you like. Visit our product page to find the perfect scent from our wide variety of outdoors fragrance oils.