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Candle Making Supplies, Equipment & Accessories

These candle making supplies and accessories will give your candles a polished, professional look. They are designed to enhance your product lines and add a touch of personality to your creations.

If you love to make candles at home, The Candlemakers Store is your best resource to use for all of your candle making supplies and accessories. While you will need access to quality wax, fragrances and other supplies, you will also need to use other products on a regular basis with your creations. Through The Candlemakers Store, you can purchase products like a refresher oil base, matchstick holders and snuffers, sachet envelopes, a thermostat and other products.

These are high quality products that are affordable and convenient to order through an online shopping process. Take time to review the many candle making supplies and accessories available to you through the website today, and purchase the supplies you need with ease through The Candlemakers Store. We make it easy for you to find all of the supplies and accessories you need for your craft in one convenient location.