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Bath & Body Types

Create beautifully scented candles with Bath & Body fragrance oil types available to you through the Candle Maker Store. Our Bath & Body fragrance oil types will help you to take your candles’ scents to the next level, and they are all designed with beautifully unique and pleasant aromas. When your scented candles are lit, you will love the peaceful, pleasant ambiance that is created. These fragrance oils are also great to use when making candles as a gift for others. These are aromas that others will love, and you will brighten their day with your thoughtful give. When searching for the right candle scents to use in your candle creations, the Bath & Body Type scents are a great option to consider. Take time to learn more about the scents available in this collection, and place your order for your aromatic fragrance oils today through the Candle Maker Store online.

The fragrance oils on the following pages attempt to imitate fragrances sold by Bath and Body Works. Although remarkably similar to the original name brand versions, they are not identical. Our fragrance oils have been organized onto this page which refers to Bath and Body Works for comparison purposes only. The Candlemaker's Store is not affiliated in any way with Bath and Body Works. We do not sell, nor have we ever sold, any merchandise produced by Bath and Body Works, and none of our products are sponsored, licensed, or endorsed by Bath and Body Works. All trademarked names and service marks remain the exclusive property of their respective owners.