Candle Making Supplies ~ Lovingly Established In 1995.


Exotic Scents

 Handcrafted wax or soy candles made with tropical candle fragrance oil provide a wonderful ambience for a home. The Candlemakers Store offers quality essences that are suitable for making scented candles at home. Our customers can choose from exotic scents including cherry coconut, iced pineapple or ginger peach to make a decorative candle special. All of this store’s oils are also safe for skin applications allowing our customers to make soaps, lotions and body splashes at home.

 Fantastic Gifts

 Customers can order sampler bottles of tropical candle fragrance oil to find favorites such as vanilla lime twist, country coconut or mango papaya. Making homemade candles with supplies from The Candlemakers Store is easy with our ordering page. You can order small or large containers of essences to make air fresheners, potpourri or candles. Exotically scented candles and body care items are fantastic gifts for holidays and birthdays.