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Homemade Crafts

 If you are a new customer at The Candlemakers Store, then ordering a most popular fragrance oil to use in homemade craft projects is a great plan. Our essences have been tested for skin safety to make soothing body care items such as lotions, soaps, creams and body splashes. It is easy for a hobbyist to learn how to create homemade scented projects with our aromatic essences. Our product order page has scents such as passionate kisses, oatmeal cookie or vanilla bean.

 Sampler Sets

 Handcrafted candles will add a decorative touch to your home’s environment with bright colors and interesting shapes. The Candlemakers Store’s most popular fragrance oil essences are available in full-size and sampler bottles with scents including cotton blossom, mango papaya and black raspberry vanilla. Hobbyists and crafters can also make homemade soy or wax candles with the scents contained in our sampler sets. If you’re looking for a new candle scent try one from our Most Popular collection in your next line of products!