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Dye & Color Information

How to Figure the Price of Your Coloring in Your Product

The Customers Question was this,
Hi! I'm working on the cost of goods analysis for my candles. Can you tell me approx. how many ml are in 1 oz of liquid dye? Thank you.

There is 128 oz in one of our US gallons.
There is 3785.41 ml in a gallon so
There are 29.57 ml in a fluid ounce approx.

For pricing, since dye is sold by the pound, it is easier to figure
your dye cost by the gram. I know that sounds more complicated but
it is not.

If you buy your dye by the ounce from us, it costs 3.45 an ounce,
there is 38.31 grams in an ounce so, your cost on dye is .090 per gram.

If you count your drops from our droppers, there are .03 grams per drop. On average there are 15 of our drops to make a medium shade per pound so,
15 drops x .03 grams per drop = .45 grams of dye per pound so,
your cost on dye from above if you buy it by the ounce was .090 per gram so,
.090 per gram x .45 grams (for the 15 drops per pound from above)
= .04 cents a pound for your color per pound.

To make it simple, figure .0027 cents per (.03 gram) drop of dye if you buy it by the ounce from us, or .09 cents per gram. If you buy the dye in larger quantities the price goes down. Hope this helps