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Candle Making Packaging, Bags, and Decoration

Put the finishing touch on your projects with our packaging options.

Quality Packaging

Candle making packaging is essential for business owners to display and sell homemade products. A home hobbyist must have seamless tin containers to hold handcrafted soy or wax candles. Tin containers are also important for holding powder dyes until making the handcrafted candles. Customers can order aluminum or amber glass bottles from The Candlemakers Store to hold essential fragrance oils. In addition, you can order opaque or clear plastic bottles for other liquids required for making handcrafted candles.

Many Styles

 Additional supplies such as various types of lids are necessary for the bottles to prevent evaporation of liquids. Our ordering page has pop-up, tip and pumping lids made from durable plastic. You can also choose to buy glass pipette lids in different sizes at The Candlemakers Store. Candle making packaging is available in round or oval shaped bottles of various sizes that are perfect for making homemade candles.