Smell is a key that unlocks memories, and it’s why people seek fragrance oils for candles. Making candles as a hobby or a business means bringing a memory forward, whether it be of the gentle green wisp of a spring rain or the sparkling burst of a holiday night. The candles you create say something about you. They are your very own expression. Finding the right fragrance is a large part of what makes a candle so powerful.

The Candle Maker’s Store knows how important scent is, and that’s why we pay close attention to the fragrance oils for candles that we offer. We know that great planning goes into your candle making. You want to set a mood, or celebrate a memory, or awaken something that has long been dormant. You can do all of that by using the right fragrance oils for candles.

It is important to match the color to the fragrance when you make candles. This is not the time to go Art Deco. Candles are about senses, and folks want to see and smell what they’re getting into. Before you begin making your candles, take the time to decide what colors you want to use. Colors are precise, and they add to the overall vision you want to create. Pick your colors carefully, and match them to your fragrance oils for candles.

We offer a wide range of high grade color and fragrance oils for candles. We also make it easy to try a new scent. Sometimes, chandlers get stuck using the same fragrances and colors over and over. Then, they get bored. We don’t want that to happen. That’s why we offer such a wide range of fragrance oils and colors. We want you to explore your creativity and to make your vision a reality.

You can browse through our site to find the fragrance oils for candles you are looking for. You might not even know what scent you want; maybe it’s simply an organic memory you have. We probably have it though, and you’ll find it just by exploring. You want your candles to conjure your vision. Let us to show you how.

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