If you are like so many other people, you may have candles placed in different areas of your home. Some candles may be used simply for aesthetic purposes. These may be decorative candles that you never intend to light, and their shape and color may add style to your space. Many candles, however, may be intended to be lit, and by lighting them, both the glow of candlelight and the scent of the wholesale fragrance oil can add ambiance to the space. The right scent for the space may be different from room to room and from home to home. For example, an aromatherapy or spa scent may be ideal for the bathroom while a bakery or fruity scent may be perfect for the kitchen. If you are one of the countless people who like to make candles at home, you may be looking for a great resource to use when shopping for wholesale fragrance oil.

Candle making is an increasingly popular activity, and because of this, you can find candle making supplies in various stores across the country. However, in most arts and crafts or hobby supply stores, the selection of supplies for candle making may be very limited. In fact, most stores will have only a handful of fragrance oils to choose from. When you shop for your wholesale fragrance oil online at The Candlemakers Store, you will have access to over a thousand different scents.

When you shop at The Candlemakers Store, you will notice that many scents have similar names, and you may be wondering which one is the ideal scent for your specific needs. The Candlemakers Store makes it easy to find the right wholesale fragrance oil to use at home because it offers affordable sample sizes as well as sample sets. For example, you can purchase an Apple Fragrance Sampler that features small bottles of Apple Blossom, Apple Chai Tea, Fresh Apple, Apple and Orange Blossom and six other apple-themed scents. This set is available for under $15, so it is a great way to sample ten different scents. Take time to explore the different wholesale fragrance oil sets available on The Candlemakers Store website today.

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