Wholesale Candle Supplies

A Reliable Supplier

Making a large number of beautiful candles requires a reliable source of wholesale candle supplies on a regular basis. You can count on The Candlemakers Store for having a quality assortment of goods necessary for a commercial business that handcrafts candles for resell at online or brick-and-mortar stores. Low prices on wholesale candle supplies means that our commercial customers can earn a higher profit on their products. It is easy for you to establish an account at our store to order materials including fragrance oils, colorful dyes and wick stickers.

Order an Assortment of Waxes

Our customers can always find the best deals on quality materials for making candles and body care products at home. We also offer wholesale candle supplies to hobbyists who make products at home for fun. Making candles at home is a creative hobby for both adults and children. All of The Candlemakers Store’s customers pay the same low prices for wholesale candle supplies including waxes necessary for making gorgeous candles at home. We sell a variety of waxes that are perfect for making long-lasting candles. You can choose between soy, palm, paraffin or blends to create candles of different sizes and shapes.

Choosing Appropriate Packing Materials

Small business owners and amateur crafters need additional wholesale candle supplies including bags, packaging and decorations. Crafters frequently give their handmade candles to friends and family for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Wrapping a gift properly is essential for preventing breakage of candleholders while protecting a candle’s delicate wax or gel. Business owners also must pack their products correctly during its shipment to keep customers happy. At the Candlemakers store, we sell a variety of wholesale candle supplies that are appropriate for bagging, wrapping and packing different sizes of candles.

Quality Candle Dye Products

Colorful candles help to make a room in a home beautiful and unique. The Candlemakers Store stocks a variety of dye products to meet the needs of hobbyists and commercial crafters. Wholesale candle supplies such as dyes make it more economical for you to create candles at home. You can choose between small bottles of liquid dye, dye blocks or powder dye to create gorgeous candle products. We have 80 different ready-made colors of dyes for you to choose from at our specialty shop. Alternatively, you can order custom color dyes at wholesale candle supplies prices.

Making Fragrant Homemade Candles

Today, most of our customers want to make scented candles that create a lovely ambience in a home or business. We have over 1,000 fragrant candle oil varieties to choose from in categories including citrus, floral and aromatherapy. You can order wholesale candle supplies such as essential oils round-the-clock at The Candlemakers Store. Our online specialty shop is easy to navigate with drop-down menus that help you make selections of wholesale candle supplies. Shop with us today for all of the best wholesale candle supplies!


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