Everyone can remember a time where they walked into a room and just felt instantly comfortable. Why do you think that was? What was it about that room that made you feel like you had been there before? Like it was a place you are familiar with, a space it is just easy to be in?

Perhaps it had something to do with the way in which the room smelled.

Some of the most common and popular scents purchased or made for use within the home or small business are those fragrances that could be considered “homey”. This means that those aromas bring to mind the memories and feelings of comforting times spent relaxing with friends and family or spending time doing something you thoroughly enjoy. While these scents differ from person to person, there are some that seem to be universally comforting fragrances that make people feel at home.


Foodie Fragrances

The amazing aromas of certain baked goods can bring a smile to almost anyone’s face. And while people have various favorites when it comes to types of pastries or desserts, it is fair to say that these segments of the food category seem to be the most beloved scents in the bunch. Aromas of fresh baked pies, cookies, and other desserts can bring to mind holidays spent with family and comfortable moments spent at home.


Wooden Waftings

It is common for people to love taking a break from their everyday lives and venturing out into the wilderness in order to better connect with themselves and the world around them. These times can be very cherished moments in someone’s life; a time where they felt completely comfortable in their own skin. The fragrances of cedar, fir, balsam, and pine trigger these types of memories for many people.


Spiced Scents

To go along with the foodie fragrances, many people love the common and thoroughly enjoyable scents of various spices. Cinnamon is one of the most sought-after spices used to brighten up a room and even drive away other unwanted smells. Its strong notes power through almost all other smells. Another great spice scent is vanilla. Arguably one of the most well loved scents to date, vanilla is a great aroma to take the edge off and stress free your home.

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