Whether you are new to candle making or have been doing it for years, you probably already know the best fragrance candles use the best scents. These scents need to be more than beautiful though. They need to be of high quality so they release just the right amount of fragrance without being either too weak or overpowering. This is why we offer only the best fragrance oils available.

We Carry All The Supplies You Need

What makes us the candle supply store for so many people is our inventory. You probably know what it’s like to shop offline for the items you need to make your candles. Even in the large supply stores, finding everything you need to make fragrance candles in one place is a chore.

Shopping online means you can get everything you need in one place. It saves you time, gas money and headaches. Since 1981 candle makers just like you have been turning to us for all their needs.

Hundreds Of Scents Available

We offer hundreds of scents, dyes and candle making supplies to both the hobbyist and professional. We also offer helpful advice to make your experience as successful and rewarding as possible. We sell both A and B Grade fragrances, and our website offers easy to understand information so you can know the difference. Though we don’t like to brag, we are experts in fragrance candles and we like to share that expertise with all our visitors.

The Candle Making Tradition

Candle making is an age old tradition that is often passed down through the generations. After a couple tries it becomes relatively easy, and there’s always a new way to express your creativity. fragrance candles make excellent gifts for all occasions, being particularly appreciated as get well and welcome home gifts. We have all the supplies you need to make the best candles possible, and we can answer any questions you might have.

Create The Most Beautiful Candles Possible

Whether you’re just starting out or have been making beautiful fragrance candles for years, the Candle Maker’s Store wants to be your first and last stop for all your candle making needs. Order today and see why we have thousands of fans all over the world who turn to us when they want to create the best candles possible.

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