Candles have been around for ages. Over the years, candles have been used in a wide range of settings – religion, health, household emergencies, aesthetic value and for therapeutic reasons. Candles are common commodities in the house. For years, candles were typically made of the common paraffin wax. But now, a lot of people are concerned about going organic and natural. As a result, more manufacturers are trying offering alternative materials for candle making, materials like beeswax and soy candle wax.

Soy candles are of course made from soy wax. This wax comes from hydrogenated soy beans. Soy candle wax is a cheaper natural wax than beeswax.

There are a lot of advantages to using soy candle wax compared to paraffin and beeswax. The following describes the benefits of creating soy-based candles.

Beeswax candles were first introduced as a natural alternative to paraffin waxes but the cost of beeswax has dismayed many candle makers. Soy candles, on the other hand, are cheaper options and give you almost the same results as beeswax.

Soy candles are natural. Soy waxes come from renewable sources unlike paraffin. Many manufacturers and candle makers are against using paraffin since it is a non-renewable material as paraffin is petroleum based.

Spills from soy candles are easier to clean. Spills from paraffin waxes are noticeably more difficult to remove from the furniture, clothes and other surfaces. Soy candle spills on the other hand can easily be removed with hot, soapy water.

Soy candles burn clean. They do not produce dark soot like paraffin candles can. Soy candles produce very little smoke when burned, especially when they are made from a 100 % pure soy wax. Those soy candles that leave soot are made from a blend of both soy and paraffin waxes.

Like paraffin and beeswax, soy candles produce a terrific smell.

Lastly, since soy candles are made from soy beans, you are also helping farmers with each purchase. You actually help the local community of farmers who grow the soy beans that are used for candles. Aside from that, candle manufacturers are also in the community all over the country. This means that with every soy candle that you buy, you are helping the economy.

Soy candles are worth considering when buying candles for the home or when candle making.

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