Candle making is a hobby that is pursued both by moms and by kids looking for an afternoon activity and by artisans who spend years perfecting their craft. Historically, candles were produced to provide apractical light source, to measure time, or even as a display of wealth. Today people still love to use the glow of candle light to mark special occasions anduse them to scent and decorate their homes.

In the past, candle makers used the ingredients that on handto produce their wares. Animal fat, from pigs, cows or even whales was a common ingredient. Beeswax was less readily available, but was used to produce abetter quality candle for those who could afford it. In some parts of Asia wax from boiled cinnamon, insects or seeds was used to produce candles. The indigenouspeoples of North America sometimes used a whole fish,rich in oil, as a primitive candle.

Today, those who still make candles by hand choose their ingredients based on the effect they want to create with the candle. Wholesale candle making supplies are available online at low cost. This allows hobbyists to experiment with different methods and materials at home. Beeswax is still a popular ingredient because it tends to smoke less and burn longer than paraffin wax, the most commonly used ingredient.

Candle makers today can avail themselves of additives like coloring, scents and decorations. These items are sometimes available in candle making starter kits, or can be ordered where their wholesale candle making supplies are obtained. Candle making starter kits also usually come withinstructions for simple candles that can be made with little to no experience.

Beginners often start out by making votive candles. Votive candles are easy to make, and can be made more interesting with the addition of scent, herbs, or other decorations. Dipped candles are also easy to make, although the results are often primitive. Dipping is a method where the wick is dipped into hot wax, and then hung todry. Once the first layer is dry, the candle is dipped again, and the processis repeated until the candle wax is the thickness desired. Dipping candles canbe time consuming, but it makes a great project for children or adults interested in learning how earlier cultures lived.

The variety of candles that can be made is almost endless.As candle makers advance, they may wish to try their hand at unique types ofwax such as bayberry or cinnamon wax. Experimenting with homemade or massproduced candle molds is a fun way to expand your abilities. Some people become candle artisans, making amazing shapes and designs with the candle wax. Candles that burn at an exact rate, acting as a time telling device, intrigue others.

Whatever your level of candle making skill, there is a processthat is right for you. Although people are no longer dependant on candles as asource of light humans still love to have candles in their home. Homemadecandles make a lovely and thoughtful gift for anyone, and learning how to makecandles makes a fun craft party for children or adults. If you want to learnhow to make candles, try ordering a candle-making starter kit and find out justhow addictive candle making can be!


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