We’re holding a contest in which the winner will receive a prize package valued at over $250. The package is designed to help our winner start his or her own home candle making business!

One lucky winner will be chosen to win a complete candle making start-up business package including the following:

  1. Enough candle making supplies (including The Candlemakers Store’s 10 most popular fragrances) to make 48 professional quality candles
  2. Support from The Candlemakers Store
  3. Your own custom logo design and business cards

Contest details can be found at http://www.craftymamaof4.com/the-candlemakers-store-wants-to-send-you-to-the-type-a-mom-conference/

All it takes to enter is letting us know what your favorite fragrance is and why. That’s it!

Please direct questions to either The Crafty Mama of 4 or to Zach via The Candlemakers Store’s Twitter page.


  • marcia shepard says:

    Do you really expect to pick just one..that’s like trying to just eat 1 Lays Potato chip..:)

    Blueberry Cobbler-umm right from the oven..I can gain a pound just smelling it

    Blue Raspberry-Such a clean crisp smell,perhaps the way the island in the blue lagoon would have smelled..

    To Many to choose from but all top quality

  • sally wess says:

    wow what a cool prize!!!
    i have been thinking of learning candlemaking…and making a business of it. this would be a great way to do it.
    another great prize from a great site


  • Tanya Brown says:

    It has to be Pumpkin Cornbread! Nothing throws like that fragrance oil!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Joyce Swain says:

    i make candles for friends all the time, they are trying to get me to go into business, do really know how to start

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