Spring Candle Scents

Nothing makes your home smell better than opening a window and letting a fresh spring breeze and the smell of blooming flowers waft into your living space. A great way to enhance that aroma is to light a complementary candle to fill your home with an even richer scent. Spring is the perfect time to make some new additions to your candle collection. Here’s a sneak peek at some of our favorite spring candle scents.


Fill your home with a uniquely wonderful fragrance when you light a Peony scented candle. This scent is loved by many but is not always easy to find. Its floral elegance will make your living space feel happy and bright.

Floral Rain

A classic spring scent is that of rain on vegetation. With a Floral Rain scented candle, you can bring the lovely smell of an April shower right into your room. This refreshingly light fragrance creates an atmosphere ready for the new opportunities spring affords.

Fresh Cut Grass

Almost everyone can probably think of a memory that is brought on by the scent of fresh cut grass. With the advancing of spring comes the time for yard work and landscaping. Enjoy a feeling of recollection and reminiscing when you light a time-honored Fresh Cut Grass scented candle for all to enjoy.


A Honeysuckle scented candle will bring a warm, sweet fragrance into any room of your home. With its beautiful mixture of perfumes like spicy rose and sweet jasmine, the easy and effortless aroma of honeysuckle will open your heart to all the wonder a new spring brings.

Spring Rain

There is no better sound that listening to the gentle patter of spring raindrops falling all around you. Close your eyes and imagine that glorious smell rising up from the ground as moisture coaxes out the scent of spring. With a Spring Rain scented candle, you don’t have to wait for storm clouds to experience that calming effect of spring mist.

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