There are so many more uses for fragrance oils than just for candle making, that it can be hard to keep up with it all. Many individuals dilute them and use them just as massage oils without even realizing their full potential. You can use them to add scent to candles, in your bath, in your lotions, in sachets and so much more. In the article below, we are going to give you some lesser known ideas for using fragrance oils.

One popular use for fragrance oils when added to the proper base is in a reed diffuser. This is a great method for releasing a subtle, pleasant fragrance in the house. Diffusers of various types can be used in homes. Many fragrance connoisseurs prefer aromatic diffuser reeds because there’s no heat or fire involved. Reed diffusers also emanate no soot or film, so they’re safe for any space.

Safe for skin fragrance oils when diluted can also be used on your skin as a perfume. If you find an oil that you’ve become attached to, dilute it in the appropriate base to 1% then dab a small amount of it onto your skin. The smell will linger for a long time and it’s sure to be a unique-to-you fragrance.

For those of you who enjoy air freshener sprays, you will be surprised to learn that you can make your own type of spray just by carefully mixing a spray bottle full of air freshener spray base with a few drops of fragrance oils. Check with suppliers for measurement details.

You can also put a few drops of fragrance oils on fake trees or flowers. This way, the fake flowers and trees will smell good – almost as if they were really living. (Oils can stain fabrics so test in an inconspicuous area before adding a lot of it.)

Some people choose to put a couple of drops inside their pillow case. This helps to keep the pillow smelling fresh. Then, each time you lay on it, you’ll fall asleep amid your favorite aroma.

When you are wrapping that present for your friend or family member, make sure you have your favorite (or their favorite) fragrance nearby. If you use a bow, you can put a couple of drops on the bow. This will leave the bow smelling great. You’re sure to have the best smelling present in the house.

You could also put some on a windowsill where the sun shines through. Just a drop or two is enough to pervade your home once the sunshine hits it.

When you have a smelly drain, drop a couple of drops of this solution down it during the night and close the lid of your toilet. For general household odors, mix the fragrance in the appropriate base and use 1 or 2 drops for air sprays. This is a great trick that not that many people know about.

Along with a drop here or a drop there, fragrance oils can be combined with premixed bases to create bath salts, body splash, soaps and much more. Ask your local candle making supplier for additional ideas.

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