Scents for Candles

Thoroughly Tested Fragrance Oils

Over 1,000 quality scents for candles are available on our ordering page at The Candlemakers Store. As a hobbyist, you enjoy making decorative candles as gifts for the holidays and birthdays. Giving a handcrafted candle with a unique fragrance as a gift shows that you took additional time to care about the receiver. Commercial crafters of wax and gel candles will like the variety of fragrances that make great scented products for customers at their stores. We have thoroughly tested our scents for candles for skin safety to prevent allergic reactions such as rashes. All of our mild fragrance oils are also suitable for body care products including lotions, creams and body splashes.

A Variety of Skin Safe Fragrances

Individuals interested in our long-lasting scents for candles can choose to order sample, regular or large bottles of fragrance oils. Sample bottles and sets provide our customers an opportunity to discover favorite candle crafting fragrances without a large financial investment. Alternatively, shoppers at The Candlemakers Store can find great specials on highly concentrated fragrance oils in categories such as floral, spicy and berry. We offer interesting scents for candles in our food category including apple dumpling, blueberry cheesecake or pumpkin spice that are fantastic for creating a homey ambience. Customers who enjoy citrus fragranced handcrafted candles can purchase bottles of white grapefruit, sparkling lemon or pineapple paradise oils.

Aromatherapy and Holiday Fragrance Oils

Many of our customers enjoy learning how to make homemade candles during the holidays. At The Candlemakers Store, the holiday season scents for candles are available year-round. This allows hobbyists and commercial candlemakers to create holiday candles with fragrances such as candy cane bliss, peppermint sugar or silver bells. The fragrance oils in our store are mixable with different wax products including palm, soy and paraffin. The concentrated double-strength fragrances also disperse nicely in gel mixtures to make containerized gel candles. Daily use of fragrantly scented handcrafted candles provides aromatherapy qualities such as increasing energy levels or inducing sleep. Aromatherapy scents for making homemade candles include rejuvenation, peace of mind and stress buster.


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