Sometimes, all you need is to take a break. To sit down, relax, and let the stress and anxiety seep out of your body like the toxic mess it is. However, this is easier said than done. There isn’t always a simple way to relieve yourself of the pressures put upon you, both mentally and physically. Luckily, there are ways you can make yourself more susceptible to soothing forces. One of these ways is by surrounding yourself with scents meant to calm and mollify. Because the part of the brain that reacts to smell is close to the part of the brain that creates memories and emotion, smell can have a huge impact on the way we react to stressful and trying situations. To alleviate these negative emotions, try sniffing some of these soothing scents.


Lavender has been used to help calm people for years. Because this is produced naturally and is readily available in some areas of the world, lavender has long been seen in homes or establishments for soothing purposes. This scent can have almost the same effect as a sedative when inhaled in large amounts. It has also been used as a stress reliever and a sleep aid. Getting a big whiff of lavender can additionally assist with fighting off depression and irritability.


Columbia University once did a study about the effects of the scent of coconut on people’s psyche. Those who breathe in coconut fragrances were able to recover quicker from stressful situations than those who did not breathe in the coconut aroma. This suggests that coconut can aid people in their responses to negativity. It can help your blood pressure stabilize and your alertness return. For these reasons, coconut is perfect to use or smell in the morning when you know you will have a hard day ahead of you.


Jasmine does such a great job at calming nerves that it has jokingly been compared to valium. This scent has the great ability to relax someone even in the most stressful and pressing situations. Neurologically, the fragrance of jasmine reacts with the brain similarly to the way sleeping pills and sedatives do. However, jasmine does not produce any harmful side effects like these medications can. This scent can be used to soothe for many different ailments, including depression, fatigue, anxiety, and stress.


One of the most popular scents is also one of the most helpful scents when it comes to calming the nerves and ways to reduce the stress. This could be attributed to the ways in which the fragrance of vanilla seems to remind people of warm, comfortable times. The universal pleasantness of vanilla can relax almost anyone. While this soothing scent seems to have a lot of its power from people’s mind, it has also been proven to reduce the ability of someone to be startled, supporting the claim that smells actually can affect you physically.


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