Reed Diffuser Products

Reed diffuser products spread fragrance throughout the home without the use of heat or flame. A reed diffuser is a bottle full of fragrance liquid with reeds inserted in the liquid. The fragrance travels up the reeds and then diffuses into the air.

There are all different types of bottles that can be used. Keep several bottles on hand and swap them out whenever you want to change the look of a room. Glass bottles can be ornate, colored, patterned and of all sizes. You can match the bottle to fit the style of any room.

It is also possible to change the fragrance used in the diffuser. Choose a calming fragrance for the bedroom or a soothing, fresh scent for the bathroom. These fragrance oils are known as refills. Oils can be specifically crafted by The Candlemakers Store for your needs or standard fragrances can be purchased. The fragrances that last the longest are those that are completely made of oil and do not contain any water or alcohol.

Several types of fragrances that work well include spices such as cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and allspice. There are also flavors that are reminiscent of baked goods such as lemon chiffon pie, cheesecake, chocolate, sugar cookies and apple pie. Exotic fragrances include frangipani, jasmine, hibiscus and other tropical flowers. Soothing tones include beach, laundry, ocean breeze and evergreen forest. Purchase large refills that contain 100 milliliters or more or choose smaller refills until you find a fragrance you like.

The diffuser reeds are made of wood and it is best if you change the reeds each time the fragrance is changed. The fragrance travels up through the reed through a small channel in the center of the wood. If you use an old one then you will be mixing fragrances. These products are available in bundles as you want to use more than one reed per diffuser.

Fragrant candles of course require flames which can be a safety issue within the home. Diffusers are a safer alternative for individuals that have pets or small children.

Another advantage of diffusers over other types of home fragrance devices is that they do not require electricity. Therefore, you do not have to worry about an increase in your power bill as you would if you plug in a fragrance device in each room. The fragrance produced by reed diffusers is actually based on all natural capillary action and diffusion.

Reed diffuser products are only one type of home fragrance device. Other items that can provide a range of aromas to rooms include scented candles, oil burners, salts and potpourri. The type of home fragrance you use will depend on the strength of the fragrance and how long you want it to last. Fragrance oils tend to have stronger scents and last longer than other types of fragrance products.

Feel free to contact The Candlemakers Store for additional information on reed diffuser products.

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