Now you’ve got down the basics of candle making and you’re ready to branch out a bit. You’ve chosen your fragrance and opted for your favorite hue, but which container do you use to house your finished product? You may want to consider several variables before choosing. Do you want to make just one, larger candle? What style of decor are you trying to accompany? Is your candle a gift? With so many options for candle making supplies, the possibilities are endless.

Tins are a great option for many different candle types and function perfectly in many environments. For those with a more modern aesthetic, the smooth lines of tins may fit perfectly with minimalist home decor. Tins are also perfect for use as travel candles. With a tight fitting lid to contain the scent, the aroma is captured inside the tin for travel and can easily be opened and lit upon arrival at your destination. Often, simply uncapping the lid is enough to fill an otherwise musty hotel room with the smell of home, making any location much more inviting. Tinned candles are also perfect for gifts. Recipients simply open the top, no gift wrap required just great candle making supplies to begin.

Another unique option for candles are apothecary jars. Recalling a time of potions and elixirs, these adorable jars fit perfectly into most decorating schemes. With clear glass and a wooden lid or glass lid, various sizes of jars can be grouped together for a stylized look with other decorative items. Placed separately around the home there are multiple sources of fragrance and style.

In terms of candle making supplies, the mason jar is a traditional, reliable and cost efficient choice. With more volume and a larger size, jars can hold much more product than most. Mason jars can also be customized with several lid options. For a unique gift that is sure to retain your signature scent until opened, opt for the old fashioned lid and gasket.

All you need to find the perfect container for your homemade candle is a creative assortment of candle making supplies and a little bit of imagination.


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