Make Pretty Votives

Make Pretty Votives

Anyone making soft gel or paraffin wax candles at home must have easy to use candle dyes that mix well with the medium to ensure a blended color. Many people enjoy burning a beautiful candle at home to create a cozy ambience as they relax. Having an assortment of pillars, tapers and larger candles placed on tables and fireplaces is an excellent decorating idea for any room in a house. Most individuals enjoy coordinating their decorative candles with other objects in a room such as paint or furniture colors. When you order candle dyes from The Candlemakers store, we make it easy to find the correct color for your homemade votives by providing full color photographs.

Mix Custom Colors

Making candles at home by using different candle dye colors is a great way to express your creativity. In the pioneer days, people had to spend hours creating dyes from plants to make their candles a pretty color. Today, you can easily shop online at The Candlemakers Store to buy a variety of candle dyes to make unique tapers and votives for your home. On our ordering page, we provide a way to make over 3000 different dye formula combinations. We sell jars, blocks and bottles of various dye products in 80 colors that can mix and match to make numerous beautiful candles for your home. You can choose from a wide variety of vibrant colors.

Coordinate with Essences

We have customers who like to use particular varieties of candle dyes such as powders, solids or liquids to make soy, gel or wax candles. The Candlemakers store even offers an assortment of candle dyes in neon and glow in the dark formats. Our store has all the supplies you require to make a variety of candles at home to sell to customers or use as gifts. You can select all the merchandise needed in our store to make candles at home including containers, wicks and essences. Shop with us today for all of your candle dyes and other candle supplies!

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