When Mixing waxes, oils and additives for candle making, it is first important to note that All calculations are made by weights, not volumes or liquid measures. I learn best by example and hopefully you will also. Here is a couple of samples for you to see how it works.

I want to make a pillar candle with a melt point of 145F. I only have a slab of votive wax with a 125 melt point and some C-15 with a melt point of 212. How much of each would I use to get my desired melt point? Heres how it works to calculate raising a melt point..

Votive wax at a 125 mp – 77%, 125 x 77% = 96.25 melt point, 77% of a pound 348.81 grams, 12.32 oz wt

212 MP additive          -23%, 212 x 23% = 48.76 melt point, 23% of a pound is 104.19 grams or 3.68 oz wt

Totals                             -100%                   =145.01 degree melt point

Ok, so you can see how it works to lower a melt point, here is another scenario,

You have some 125 mp votive wax left over and you want to know how much mineral oil to use to make a good one pour container blend at approx 100mp.

Votive wax at a 125 mp – 80%, 125 x 80% = 100.0 melt point, 80% of a pound is 362.4 grams or 12.8 oz wt

Mineral Oil at 0 mp (liquid)20%,     0 x 20% = 0 melt point, 20% of a pound is 90.6 grams or 3.2 oz wt.

Totals                             -100%                   =100.00 degree melt point

You have some extra wax around you want to use up so you are going to mix them together. You want to know what the melt point is so you will know what to use the wax for.

Votive wax at a 125 mp – 70%, 125 x 80% = 100.0 melt point, 80% of a pound is 362.4 grams or 12.8 oz wt

Molded Candle Wax at 140 mp 20%, 140 x 20% =28 melt point, 30% of a pound is 135.9 grams or 4.8 oz wt.

Pillar wax at a 145 mp – 10%, 145 x 10% = 14.5 melt point, 10% of a pound is 362.4 grams or 12.8 oz wt

Totals                                           -100%                   =142.5 degree melt point

(The 142.5 mix above would be an Excellent Molded Candle Blend)

All of the above scenarios will weigh 16 oz or 1 pound but will make 20 oz liquid when melted. Don’t confuse the liquid volume of 1 pound being approx 20 oz liquid melted wax.

Handy reminders for conversions,

453 grams is one pound approx by weight. 28.31 grams per ounce.

16 oz per pound weight, 20 oz liquid melted wax approx per pound of wax

See the Handy Kitchen Measuring page in the frequently asked questions section for more conversion info for cups, pints and other oz to wax fill conversions

Say you were making 4 oz hex jars and they took exactly 4 oz liquid to fill them.

Using 1 pound of any of the above formulas, you would use 1 lb of wax (20 oz liquid), and an ounce of scent per pound. So in reality you would have available from this one pound of wax, 20 oz liquid from the wax, and an additional ounce of scent for a total fill volume of 21 oz. If you did 4 oz jars you would get 5- 4 oz jar fills per pound.

keep this in mind when figuring your costs. You get more than 16 oz of fill volume from a pound of wax with scent. In reality you get 21 oz and alot more product than you had planned on. Your cost per jar just went down using this scenario.

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