If you intend to get into candle making in a big way, then it’s important to find the right supplier of wholesale candle making supplies. However, there are literally thousands of online suppliers to choose from. Follow these tips to discover the best wholesale candle making supplier for you.

Make a List of Supplies Needed

There’s no sense dealing with a supplier that dos not stock the particular wholesale candle making supplies that you need. Make a list of all the supplies you need, including wicks and wick sizes, types of candle wax, scented oils, additives and containers. If you are considering making candles as a business, then chances are you already have a thermometer, double boiler and a pouring pot. Consider getting separate sets of candle making supplies for each type of wax in order to prevent cross-contamination.

Check Candle Making Publications

Candle making books and articles in craft magazines usually list several wholesale candle making supplies retailers for readers to check out. A quick search on Google Books can also bring up lists of suppliers recommended in candle making books that are not already in your home library. Authors of candle making books have already tried the suppliers they recommend, which cuts down on your research time.

Ask in Online Forums

If you are not already a member of an online candle making or craft forum, join one. Check the forum to see when the last post was. It should be in the last couple of days. If not, then the forum is not active enough to get timely answers to your questions. A forum is a great place to network with experienced candle makers. Ask on the forums for a recommendation for wholesale candle making supplies retailers.

Compare Prices

Once you get a list of candidates who provide wholesale candle making supplies, go online to check out their product range, prices and shipping costs. Check to see if there is a minimum required purchase for each order. Also check the supplier’s methods of payment and return policies. In order to make comparisons easier, copy and paste the website information into a word processing document. Make a folder of supplier information. This will make it easier for you to compare companies.

Start with a Starter Kit or Samples

The best providers of wholesale candle making supplies will almost always provide starter kits and or samples set of product. If you’re unsure of the quality of the product or are just getting into candle making trying a starter kit or sample set is a great place to start.

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