Many people are probably aware that our sense of smell is very strongly tied to our memories. Certain smells can bring to our minds times of happiness and joy or sadness and despair. But this isn’t all scents can do. There are some scents that can actually change the way you are feeling. Specific candle scents can help you with specific ailments or deficiencies in your life. If you are suffering from any of the following or you would like an added measure of something in your life, find the corresponding candle scent in the following list and light it in your home or work space in order to increase that mood in yourself and others.


Peppermint candles have the ability to make a person more alert. This would be a great candle to light in your office or work space. This smell can even help to enhance your memory in some instances.


The scent of a pine candle will create an energizing atmosphere. This smell has also been linked to releasing tension in muscles and opening your mental state. You may want to light this candle prior to having a serious conversation with someone in order to keep the mood light and the flow of ideas open.


If you ever feel homesick in the future, consider lighting an oatmeal scented candle. This smell has been known to help ease the feeling of homesickness with its soothing and sedating aroma.


Ginger has a few medical benefits when you light this flavor of scented candle. A ginger candle can help to soothe an upset stomach and relieve body aches. If you have been feeling a little under the weather, try lighting a ginger scented candle while you take a relaxing bath.


Feeling anxious recently? Try meditating while a lavender candle is burning. The scent of lavender will put your mind at rest and helps to de-stress. After a while, you will find yourself in an atmosphere of calm.


Lemon scented candles have a variety of benefits. This smell can help to promote concentration. It can also alleviate feelings of anxiousness and anger. When it comes to medicinal purposes, lemon scented candles can act as an antiviral and antibacterial by fighting sore throats and colds, boosting your immune system, and increasing circulation.


Experiencing nervous tension or a tension headache? You might want to light a rose scented candle to assist in finding relief from these ailments. Rose can soothe headaches and help ease nervous tension.


Jasmine is a great candle scent to help stifle feelings of inadequacy. Light a jasmine scented candle in the morning to start your day off right. This smell can work as an antidepressant while helping to increase feelings of optimism and confidence.


Rosemary is another scent that can help to improve memory. This is also a great aroma to fill your room if you are feeling both physically and mentally weak. Rosemary fights physical exhaustion and mental fatigue.

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