If you’re interested in making your own candles and want to customize the fall candle scents that you use for these crafts, the Candlemakers Store has a variety of fragrances for you to choose from. Depending on the scents you want to feature in your home and the memories you want to evoke, you’ll need to choose fragrances that are intense and warm, or light and sweet.

For instance, antique cider is one of the fall candle scents that is likely to bring back fond memories for many people. The scent of crisp apples combined with fragrances like nutmeg and cinnamon can remind you of past Thanksgivings and will make friends and loved ones feel welcome in your home. The fragrance can also be included in homemade soaps.

Additional apple fall candle scents that are great for candles include apple pie and apple jack and peel. The apple pie-scented candle is best for intensifying the scent of a home where holiday desserts are being baked. Fall candle scents like cinnamon and vanilla, which are included in a number of fall and winter desserts, is included in the apple pie fragrance oil to make it smell especially authentic. Apple jack and peel gives off the authentic scent of baked apples with cinnamon to immediately make a home feel cozier.

Additional fall candle scents available at The Candlemakers Store include banana nut bread. The oil makes the perfect addition to a homemade candle because it includes the sweetness of bananas with the warm scent of walnuts and the vanilla-like note of cake batter. The Cappuccino Brulee is another one of the fall candle scents that is both familiar and unique. The oil has notes of cinnamon, caramel and coffee, so a candle in this scent will give the area where it is lit a rustic and sweet scent that is particularly comforting. Several cinnamon-inspired scents, like cinnamon sugar, cinnamon cranberry and cinnamon toast are for sale at The Candlemakers Store as well, as these fall candle scents can be both noticeable and subtle. Fall candle scents that include maple, like maple pecan, maple pumpkin and maple pancakes can also stir up memories of great times.

In addition to the wide variety of fall candle scents that The Candlemakers Store has to offer, all the supplies that you need to create your own candles are available at the online store. All of the candle making additives that should be combined with the wax can be purchased on the website, and there are starter kits available if you’re making candles for the first time. Wick tabs and stickers, as well as candle dye, are part of the Candlemakers Store inventory as well. Since it’s easy to get everything you need to create your own quality fall candles, you can practice a few times before you feel comfortable including your homemade candles in the gifts you give to family and friends during the holidays. Or, you can keep the fall candle scents and expert crafts you’ve created to ensure that your home smells wonderful all season long.

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