Whether you’ve been making candles for years as a personal hobby or have recently begun a new candlemaking business, finding quality products and the best candle scents can be a challenge in today’s craft stores. You need a place where you can find quality equipment, supplies and the best candle scents in bulk for an affordable price. We offer the solutions you need.

A Variety of Wax

In order to make quality candles at home, you need to start with quality ingredients. Before you add the best candle scents or dyes to make a candle unique, you start with a wax base for consistency. Candle enthusiasts will appreciate our large selection of wax. Paraffin, the most common type of wax used in candlemaking, can be bought in individual and bulk sheets. We also offer soy wax, which is popular today for those who enjoy a longer and more consistent burn, and a special variety of palm wax made from the fruit seeds of the palm plant. Each of our wax varieties are available for individual or bulk ordering to meet the needs of crafters and professionals alike.

Vibrant Colors, Dyes & Fragrance

As a candle hobbyist, you know that colors, dyes and the best candle scents make a candle stand out at craft shows. Your unique flair as a candlemaker depends on vibrant colors made with rich dyes and products appropriate for the candles you make. While many online videos promote the idea that you can use any dye for candlemaking, quality dyes make quality candles. Likewise, you need the best candle scents in order for the candle to burn effectively and give off the aroma you desire.

We offer more than 1,000 of the best candle scents available for personal and professional candle crafting. No matter your personal style or preference, we provide a wide assortment of aromatic fragrances for your needs. From holiday scents to tropical fragrances, we have everything you need to make beautiful, personalized candles for friends, family and customers.

If you’re unsure about our fragrances, we offer several ways to buy them so that you don’t have to commit a large investment into a new scent. From small sample packages to bulk orders of our best candle scents, we provide you with the cost-effective and convenient options you need to test out new fragrances.

Personalized Touches

We strive to be the go-to source for candlemaking supplies. Whether you’ve just begun learning how to make candles from home or you’re a seasoned expert, we work hard to offer a comprehensive selection of the best candle scents and products all year long. From advice on how to present your candles to detailed instructions for creating quality gifts for the holidays, we offer useful tips, practical guidance and quality products for your convenience. We believe in offering the best candle scents, dyes and accessories to make your candles special.

Affordable Wholesale Pricing

Our unique approach to candlemaking supplies means that you receive the benefit of wholesale pricing and ordering. Buying individual fragrances, dyes and wax at crafting stores can be expensive and risky. You may encounter limited supply, bland aromas and a staff that doesn’t understand the details of candlemaking. We offer the best candle scents and candlemaking supplies along with industry knowledge and the best wholesale prices you can find. Shop with us today for the best candle making scents and products.

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