Beautiful candles in various shapes, colors and scents are a popular decorative item for the home. Many creative hobbyists enjoy making beautiful homemade candles with materials from The Candlemakers Store. Shoppers can find any supplies required for making gorgeous decorative candles at our online retail store. The Candlemakers store has an assortment of wax, wicks, dyes, containers and aromatic oils for making candles at home. Fragrance oils are vitally important for making candles to fill a home with the scents of flowers, spices, fruits and other essences.

Wide Variety of Scents for Candles

Customers who enjoy making homemade candles can choose from over 1,000 unique fragrance oils to fill a home with a wonderful ambience at The Candlemakers Store. All of our fragrance oils are carefully formulated to work nicely in various types of gel and wax candle materials. This makes it easy for customers to choose and use aromatic oils in different varieties of homemade candles. In addition, all of the varieties of oils from this specialty store receive thorough testing for skin safety to eliminate allergic responses.

Order Small Sample Bottles of Essences

Each person will experience fragrance oils differently with the sense of smell. There are well-known candle scents such as vanilla that most people have smelled before. However, each time scented oil is created it has unique properties creating a slightly different odor. Customers can order small sample bottles of each type of aromatic oil from The Candlemakers Store to find favorite candle scents. Ordering an assortment of scented oils is an easy way to find family favorites before making a large financial investment.

How to Choose Favorite Scents

Hobbyists can also choose from categories of fragrances including seasonal scents or aromatherapy essences at The Candlemakers Store. There are fragrance oils that are more popular for each season to provide a home with a particular ambience. During the Christmas holiday season, a candlemaker might choose essences that smell like peppermint, mulberry or sugar cookies. Alternatively, hobbyists may want floral scents such as lavender, rose or jasmine in the spring or summer seasons.

To find your favorite candle scent shop out over 1,000 fragrance oils today!

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