When you think of the five senses of the body, which do you think is the strongest? Hearing? Sight? Taste? Researchers from Rockerfeller University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have concluded that, “the average human being can distinguish between 1 trillion different odors, if not more, which makes our noses far more sensitive than any other organ in the body.” With that being said, the candle fragrance oils we use can have a lasting impact on our memory.

Have you noticed that some scents soothe you, some seem to make you feel more awake, and some stimulate feelings of hunger? There are many classifications of fragrances, and which one is “right” for you depends on what feeling or emotion you are trying to create or enhance.

The Fragrance Wheel

In 1983, a consultant in the fragrance industry named Michael Edwards created the Fragrance Wheel. The wheel classified fragrances into four standard categories, with 11 sub-groups, and one family in the middle-Fougére- that embodies many characteristics of the standard categories.

1. Floral

Candle fragrance oils in this category tend to cause feelings of relaxation. A lot of calming cremes and mists are made with the lavender scent for this very reason.

  • Floral
  • Soft Floral
  • Floral Oriental

2. Oriental

Scents from the Oriental category are sure to make your mouth water with its spicy notes. It includes cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and nutmeg. Many elements of this category are combined with floral or woody notes.

  • Soft Oriental
  • Oriental
  • Woody Oriental


If you want to feel like you are in the great outdoors, without actually being in the outdoors, the woody category is for you. Notes in this category include sandalwood, cedar wood, or oakmoss.

  • Wood
  • Mossy Woods
  • Dry woods

4. Fresh

This category is the home of the scents that give you a renewed sense of freshness. It includes lemon, lime, green tea, and mint.

  • Citrus
  • Green
  • Water

There seems to be a fragrance oil for literally anything you can think of, from the traditional lavender to the scent of apple berries , but no matter what feeling or emotion you’re going for, you want to make sure your candle fragrance oil is skin-safe, and compatible with all kinds of candle waxes.

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