Everyone has certain scents that remind them of summertime, whether its the smell of the beach, the aroma of fireworks, or the fragrance of being outside in the hot and humid evenings. And although summertime can’t last all year long, the ability to be reminded of the fun and excitement of summer can remain with us even after our tan lines fade. With candles or other fragrance oils of your favorite summer scents, you never have to be far from those brighter, sunnier days.


Fresh Linens

One of the most well loved scents, regardless of the time of year, is that of fresh linens. This type of scent goes by many names, like “clean clothes”, “clean cotton”, and “fresh laundry”. While it is rare to find actual linens hanging on a line nowadays, we can still enjoy that homey and reminiscent aroma. This fragrance is known for being light and airy, bringing a clean and freshening scent with it wherever it is present. Lighting a candle of the fresh linen scent will help to invigorate and deodorize your home or other space this summer.



Almost no other scent can completely encapsulate the feeling of summer like coconut can. This fragrance brings to mind ideas of white, sandy beaches and nights spent drinking piña coladas—classic summertime images. When you are in search of a traditional, unforgettable summer aroma to fill your home or car, look for the refreshing and rejuvenating scent of coconut in all its forms.



One of the best places to spend a lazy summer day or enchanting summer night is on the beach. This scent is especially memorable for those who once lived or played near a beach but have not had the chance to return. The deep, almost musky scents of ocean fragrances cause people to recall their favorite summertime memories. Many ocean scented candles also carry hints of floral scents, as to not overpower a room.


Fresh Herbs

Aromatic scents thrive in the summertime. One of the most healing scents you can expose yourself to is that of fresh herbs, especially rosemary. Nothing beats the smell of fresh, organic herbs wafting through an open window. But for those of us who don’t have our own herb garden, we can still experience the amazing benefits of herb fragrances with candles and other scented oils. Rosemary in particular has been used both for medicinal and aromatherapy purposes. This revitalizing scent can refresh and cleanse any space in just a short amount of time.



In the summertime, no one can make it through those insect-ridden nights without a citronella candle. This amazing smell is also a natural insect repellant. Luckily, you can get citronella candles in a wide range of sizes, from tea lights to larger buckets. These candles are a must-have for any outdoor party or bbq throughout the summer. Don’t let yourself be eaten by bugs; enjoy the scent of citronella while maintaining your silky smooth summer skin.

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