Candle Waxes

Unique Homemade Candles

If you enjoy making homemade candles, then The Candlemakers Store is the place to buy quality candle waxes. Many hobbyists and crafters enjoy creating colorful candles at home with fragrant oils. People like having a wonderful scent in their home with citrus, floral or spicy candle scents. Crafters and hobbyists frequently give unique candles as gifts for special events such as holidays, birthdays and wedding showers.

Pioneers made candles from animal fat or tallow to provide lighting in their homes. Today, hobbyists and crafters prefer candle waxes made from plant based or chemical sources instead of tallow. The quality wax products on our ordering page are designed to make gorgeous candles for your home.

Bulk Sheets of Paraffin Candle Waxes

Paraffin wax is very popular for handcrafted candles because it is easy to melt and pour into molds of different shapes and sizes. At The Candlemakers Store, we sell sheets of paraffin and paraffin blend waxes that are suitable for hobbyists who enjoy making homemade candles. In addition, individuals who make handcrafted candles to sell to customers at parties, stores or flea markets can buy paraffin wax in bulk sheets at our online ordering page. Paraffin candle waxes absorb and disperse various types of dyes quickly to ensure a vibrant color in your homemade candles. Crafters who like to make pillar or votive candles can order a specialty blend of natural smooth wax that glides easily into small molds.

Soy and Palm Candle Waxes

Candles made from natural soy wax derived from soybeans are bestsellers at craft shows and parties. We sell natural soy wax at The Candlemakers Store so that hobbyists can make fragrant candles at home. Our shoppers can choose between dipping, smooth, natural and eco-friendly soy candle waxes. A homemade soy wax candle will have a wonderful and long-lasting scent with a permanent color. An interesting alternative to soy wax for handcrafted candles is natural palm wax made from the palm plant’s fruit seeds. We sell two varieties of palm wax that make interesting textures of either starbursts or feathers in the finished candle.

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