Candle Wax

In its most basic form, a candle is a block of candle wax with a wick in it. Today’s candles are beautifully colored, and they have interesting shapes and scents. Candles traditionally were burned as a source of light long before electricity was invented, and they also were used to keep time in some areas of the world. Traditionally, candles were made from tallow, beeswax, animal fat and spermaceti. Today, candle wax is most commonly made from beeswax, soy and paraffin wax, but they also may be made from plant wax, tallow and a mineral oil gel.

Many people have a common misconception that the longevity of the candle is controlled by the type of candle wax or gel that is used. While this may be partially correct, the other factor at play is the size of the wick. The length of the candle wick will affect the size of the candle’s flame as well as the rate at which the candle is burned.

Some candle makers believe that certain types of candle wax or gels are easier to work with than others, and some simply have a preference for using one type of material over the other options. If you are new to candle making, you may consider experimenting with the different types of waxes and gels available so that you can see their differences for yourself. You can find the best selection of candle wax and gels when you shop online at The Candlemakers Store. Through the website, you can browse through waxes and gels, and you can also find wicks, wax dyes, molds, mason jars, fragrance oils and all of the other items that you need to truly enjoy your craft while being as creative as you want to be. Whether you are new to candle making or you have been making candles for years, a great online craft supplier can provide you with the right selection of quality crafting supplies. Many candle makers regularly rely on The Candlemakers Store for their needs, and you can get started checking out the selection of candle wax available online today.

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