Candle Oils

Variety of Fragrances

Hobbyists and crafters enjoy having a variety of candle oils to add to paraffin and soy waxes. Using oil fragrances in homemade candles is a great way to add scent to your home. At The Candlemakers Store, we offer several categories of scented essences such as berry, powder and seasonal varieties. In addition, we have spent years developing fragrances that distribute evenly throughout melted soy, palm or paraffin candle wax. An evenly distributed fragrance ensures that a handcrafted candle will provide enjoyment throughout its burning process. We have made it easy for our customers to use our candle oils in all types of waxes to avoid needing to buy different formats of scents.

Concentrated Essences

The Candlemakers Store ordering page has two grades of quality candle oils to meet your homemade candle requirements. We have over 1,000 unique fragrances available in two grades that are perfect for both hobby and commercial candlemakers. Our hobbyist customers will enjoy buying double-strength fragrances that are suitable for taper, votive and large candles. Alternatively, our commercial candle making customers may want to purchase triple strength fragrances. Concentrated candle oils allow you to make wonderfully scented candles at home that emit a strong and long-lasting fragrance. An added benefit is that our fragrances are thoroughly tested as skin safe, making the essences easy to use in your homemade body splashes, creams and lotions.

Sample Bottles

Making handcrafted candles at home is a fun hobby for adults and children. We strive to make that hobby more enjoyable by making it simple to use our candle oils in gel or wax mixtures. As our customers gain experience in making homemade candles, they enjoy layering coordinating fragrances in larger candles to provide individualized gifts for birthdays and holidays. Many crafters also mix different candle oils purchased at The Candlemakers Store to make unique scents. As a great service to our customers, we have small sample bottles of fragrances available at low prices to allow our customers to find favorite scents. In addition, our store frequently has specials available on candle making supplies including fragrances.

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