Candle making is a fun way to enjoy arts and crafts and one of the best stress relieving activity to help you escape from your worries for a little while. Candle making starter kits let you jump right in, and unlike many other pursuits, candle making doesn’t require any special skills. Even better, the candles you make will actually be useful around the home.

Of course, craft projects are easier said than done. Getting started can be the hardest part. Here are some top tips and projects that will help you enjoy your first candle making experience.

Basic Strategies

Making your candles won’t be difficult. You will, however need a clean space to work in, as well as a bit of time.

Candles are made from some kind of wax, usually soya wax or paraffin. The type of wax you use will determine which method works best.

  • Molding: In this process, waxes like soya or paraffin are melted into a runny liquid. This is poured into a mold shaped like the desired candle, with the wick in the center. It is left to cool and harden over time.
  • Dipping: This traditional method takes the longest. It involves melting the wax down and simply dipping the wick in the liquid. The wick is allowed to dry and then dipped in again. Eventually, the candle builds up thickness layer by layer.

It’s as Easy as Melting Things Down

Before you melt, get your work space ready. Laying down some newspapers is a great way to make spill management a no-fuss affair. Most wholesale candle making supplies include many varied odds and ends like different sized wicks, fragrance additives, molds and dyes. Decide what sort of candle you’d like to make first and set up everything you’ll need.

To turn your hard wax into a liquid, simply heat a double boiler on the stove. If you don’t have a double boiler, heat a pot of water and then stick a container or a second pot inside. Melt the wax inside the inner container.

At this point you can add fragrances, dyes or anything else you got with your wholesale candle making supplies. Some candle makers mix and match additives, but it’s best to keep things simple while you’re just beginning.

Once your wax mixture is ready, pour it into the mold. If you’re doing the dipping method, simply use pot holders to bring the inner container over to your work zone for safer dipping away from the stove. Regardless what method you use, always give the wax ample time to cool in an undisturbed location to avoid cracks.

If this seems like a lot to handle, just slow down and take things one step at a time. Gradually work your way up to textural decorations and color variances. Candle making starter kits usually have everything you need to get up and running. Candle makers young and old find that varied kits with more than one color or fragrance let them explore their artistic side even as they make exquisite, functional craft creations.

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  • Margaret spencer says:

    I really enjoyed this information as I’m new to candle making it was so helpfully but when I make my candles they don’t have a sheen on them also a small bump rises near my wick

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