Candle Making – Must Haves

Interested in starting your own candle making business? In search of a new hobby? Maybe you just have some questions about candle making you need answered. Whatever the case and whether you’re an expert or just getting started, The Candlemakers Store has all the supplies needed to make your candle making endeavors as fun and easy as possible.

We take pride in every one of our products because we manufacture and test them ourselves. We make and sell the finest products because candle making is a passion of ours and we enjoy seeing our customers and even our competitors helping to make candle making more and more popular.

What supplies and accessories will you need to get started?

  • Waxes & Gels – Our waxes and gels are of the highest quality to ensure a professional appearance. We stock a ride range of candle making waxes and gels in our inventory and we test each and every one ourselves to make sure your candle making experience is a hassle-free success.
  • Fragrances – If you have a fragrance in mind, chances are it’s in our inventory. We manufacture and test over 1,000 fragrances. We stock the fragrances Absinthe, Zest and everything in between. If 1,000 fragrances is a bit overwhelming, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular fragrance choices that we’re sure you’ll like.
  • Colors & Dyes – Typically, one of our 90 candle colors will satisfy the needs of our customers. But, if you had something really special in mind, we can custom create nearly any color you send us.
  • Containers & Jars – You’ve chosen a wax, fragrance and color but where do you put them all? We carry a wide range of containers that are sure to make your candle stand out the way you’d like. From antique glass jars and simple tins to a container shaped like a teddy bear, your vision can easily become reality.
  • Wicks – Maintaining a centered and stable wick was once a frustrating part of candle making. With our candle wick centering device and the wicksticker, (an original invention of The Candlemakers Store) getting the perfect wick becomes an afterthought.

So, you’ve got all the supplies needed to get started making, selling and enjoying your own candles, but what’s the process? How many ounces of fragrance will you need for one block of wax? What types of wicks work best with Paraffin wax? To answer all of your candle making questions, The Candlemakers Store also has candle making Starter Kits available that are perfect for simple, at home candle making.

We’d love to help you get started. Contact us at your convenience.

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