Candle Fragrance

Lighting a homemade candle in an enclosed room, where the unique candle fragrance develops and spreads throughout, can completely change the room’s atmosphere. A gathering amongst friends may brighten with an apple pie fragrance, or an intimate dinner with a special someone may turn romantic with a dark kiss fragrance. The atmosphere you wish to create depends on your homemade candle’s fragrance. To ensure you are able to create the atmosphere you desire, the Candlemaker’s Store offers over 1,000 candle fragrances, giving you a large assortment to choose from.

Experienced candle makers know that candle wax has no fragrance. In order for homemade candles to emit a fragrance when lighted, a candle fragrance must have been mixed in with the wax. To simply enjoy a candle’s cheerful flame, you may choose to create non-fragrant candles. But fragrant candles have a way of enlivening every social scene, making the 1,000 fragrances at our store a tempting selection.

To simplify the choosing process, we sorted the candle fragrances into separate categories, including Berry, Citrus, Floral, Food, Fruity, Tropical, Spicy, Powdered Fragrances, Outdoors, Fall, Christmas, Bath & Body types, Yankee types, and Aromatherapy. Various fragrances from these categories include Berry Breeze, White Grapefruit, Country Heather, Huckleberry Pie, Orange Marmalade, Summer Citrus, Pumpkin Spice, Spring Fling Powder, Forest Pine, Vanilla Hazelnut, Gingerbread Man, Rosemary Mint, Jack Frost, and Green Apple.

Because the sense of smell differs from person to person, we refrain from describing the various fragrances. Instead, we allow you to experience the smell for yourselves by offering 1 ounce bottles of each candle fragrance for $2.45. If you like the fragrance and decide to make a candle collection with it, you can purchase a 2 ounce bottle for $3.89 or a 1 pound bottle or more for a B Grade amount. The current price per the pound, the B Grade sells 1 pound of fragrance for $12, 2 to 24 pounds of candle fragrance for $11 per pound, and 25 pounds or more for $9.75 per pound. Whether making a small candle collection for yourself or a large batch for your friends, the Candlemaker’s Store has the quantity and quality to meet your needs. Shop with us today!


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