Candle Fragrance Oil

Candle Fragrance Oil

Fragrance is perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of candle making, which is why we carry over 1,000 candle fragrance oils at The Candlemaker’s Store. Experimentation is what leads to perfection, and quality fragrance oils are the foundation of superior results.

Most candle fragrance oils are a propriety blend of scent compounds suspended in a carrier. The carrier allows even distribution of the fragrance through your product and allows for easy scent strength control. High quality fragrance oils like the ones we offer are often the product of years of research into replicating classic scents as true-to-life as possible.

Our fragrance oil is divided into two grades, A and B. Both of them are more concentrated and therefore stronger than your average fragrance oils. B Grade oils, which we consider manufacturer’s grade, are double strength. We find that 1 oz of B Grade oil per pound of candle base produces excellent results. A Grade oils are triple strength. Both are high quality products, and we encourage you to experiment with concentrations to find what suits you.

Unlike many other brands, our fragrance oils are compatible with all wax types, from paraffin to soy to gel. They’re also skin-safe in finished products, meaning you can coordinate candle fragrances with lotions and soaps for gift sets and personal use. For the best results, smell your candle fragrance oil both in the bottle and after you have added it to your throw to adjust to the perfect amount.

Candle fragrance oil can be mixed and matched to design unique scent blends. Coordinating scents can also be layered in jar candles to create evocative sensory experiences. We sell our fragrances in small, 1-oz sample bottles to allow you to collect and explore many scent options to find what is perfect for your tastes.

There are no wrong answers with candle fragrance oil. Every fourth sample you purchase together from us is free with no limit on the number you can accrue to let you dip your nose into as many scents as your heart desires. We invite you to experiment to your heart’s content to find your perfect fragrance matches.


Our Specials on Candle Fragrance Oils are a Good Way to Try New Candle Scents

Some candle makers enjoy making their own candles to be creative with the colors and shapes of candles they create. They may love experimenting with mixing dyes together and may regularly be looking for new molds or being creative with their candlestick making process. However, others love to experiment with different candle fragrance oils and even by mixing different oils together to create their own scents. Many people have already thoroughly exhausted the limited number of scents available at local stores, and they are looking for a great resource to enjoy greater access to high-quality fragrance oils. The Candle Makers Store is the company to rely on for full-strength scents, and we regularly offer special deals that can help you to save money when you try out new scents.

Some candle fragrance oils that you may have tried out from other sources may have been relatively weak and low in quality, and these can be rather disappointing to use with your candle making efforts. You may spend hours making candles with these weak candle fragrance oils and you want the candles to deliver a pleasant and distinct smell that doesn’t fade away quickly when the candles are burned. However, you also may be looking for an affordable way to try out new candle scents.

At The Candle Makers Store, we understand that our customers love to try out new candle scents and that they often have a limited crafting budget to work with. This is one of the reasons why we regularly run specials on different candle fragrance oils. You may want to try out different scents without committing to paying full price for it, and these specials are a great solution. Many of our customers regularly check out our specials because they are updated frequently. Some of their favorite scents may be listed on the specials page from time to time, and this can make it affordable to stock up and save.

If you haven’t taken time to check out the specials we are currently running on our candle fragrance oils, you should do so today. If you are a first-time buyer with our company, you can see for yourself how high-quality our candle scents are. If you are a regular customer, you can try out new scents and stock up on your favorites to save money. Be sure to visit the candle fragrance oils specials page regularly so that you can take advantage of new offers that are available.

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