In this guide we will teach you how to make scented candles. The process is rather straightforward, and no matter which scents or colors you choose, the steps are the same.

Needed Supplies

To begin with, you will need to collect supplies for your candle making. You will need the following: A candle mold, a double boiler, a candle wick, wax, dye and your candle scent or essential oil.

Candle Making Directions

When learning how to make scented candles first, prepare your candle mold. Seal the mold so that the wax and other materials will stay in it, and set a candle wick in the middle of the mold, tied to a tie rod to keep it in the center. The size of the mold will determine how big the candle is, so be sure to use a mold of the proper size.

Next, fill the bottom of the double boiler with water, and heat the double boiler on the stove over medium heat. Pour the wax into the top of the double boiler. Stir the wax as it melts.

Once the wax is thoroughly melted, add the candle scent and dye to the mixture. Mix thoroughly. Now, transfer most of the wax to a pouring jug, and fill the candle mold with the wax mixture. Let the mixture cool in the candle mold for at least one hour. The candle will need to be topped off at this point. Re-melt reserved wax and pour a bit of wax into the candle mold to produce a candle with an even top.

Now, let the candle sit for 6-8 hours until it becomes hard. Remove the candle from the mold, and trim the wick. Make sure that the bottom of the candle is level. Your scented candle is now ready. This is how to make scented candles.

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