We recently received a question about the difference between A Grade fragrance oils and reed diffuser oils. Namely, what they’re used for and why they’re priced differently. It’s a variation of a question we’ve beenĀ asked several times, so it couldn’t hurt to share.

Here’s the question we got:

“Our company is in the process of ordering fragrance scents to make reed diffusers oils. We plan on mixing an assortment of concentrated fragrances with unscented base oil.

I’m a little confused as to your price for oils based on concentrated or pre-mixed.

For example a 32 oz bottle of Sandalwood can be purchased as an A Grade oil for $54.00. Is this pre-mixed with base (ready to pour)? Conversely, if I navigate to this page, I can purchase a 32 oz bottle of Sandalwood oil for $26.00.

Basically, could you instruct me as to the pricing for concentrated oils (not pre-mixed)? Do I look under Skin-Safe Fragrances, or do I look under Reed Diffuser Products/Diffuser Fragrance oils?

Thank you in advance for your help, and we look forward to working with you shortly.”

And our response:

“Thank you for your inquiry and considering our fragrances for your products.

The A Grade Sandalwood is the Pure and Strongest formulation available for that fragrance in a pure skin-safe fragrance oil, 32 oz bottle at $54.00. These fragrances are found under Skin-Safe fragrances. These products are skin-safe and ready for use in candles, lotions, body/room sprays, soaps, potpourris, etc.

The Reed Diffuser Oil Sandalwood, 32 oz. bottle at $26.00, is the Sandalwood fragrance oil blended with our Unscented Reed Diffuser Base and is ready to pour, as-is, into your Reed Diffuser bottles for use as a Reed Diffuser. These products can be found under Reed Diffuser Products, then Diffuser Fragrance Oils.

The A Grade Sandalwood will NOT work properly in its straight form as a Reed Diffuser Oil, as there is different chemistry to get the fragrance to diffuse into the air, which is NOT present in a standard Fragrance Oil. You can get the same smell, in any of our fragrances, in a Reed Diffuser Oil by either purchasing the Reed Diffuser Fragrance Oils in whatever size you may need or you can purchase the straight A Grade Fragrance Oil and the Unscented Reed Diffuser Base and blend these two products to create your own Diffuser Oils. The latter works well if you make multiple products like candles, lotions, soaps, diffusers, etc. and you want the same fragrance throughout your product line or if you want to blend your diffuser oils stronger or weaker for your specific application. Our pre-blended Reed Diffuser Fragrance oils are approximately 50/50 blended with our Unscented Reed Diffuser Base.”

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